Our Expertise
Marar Solutions, a custom software development, data mining and web based application development company with many years of industry experience, we always thrive to serve as a one stop solution provider to our clients, encompassing our clients almost every requirements. Imbibed with our team of professional developers we’ve successfully deployed an array of solutions in web, mobile and software development. In fact, we’ve gain expertise to craft you the solutions in custom software and Web based application development and more, which are not only excellent in quality but allows you to increase your business productivity and potentiality. Our solutions also allow you to manage your business more efficiently and effectively, along with substantial increase of your customer base.

Custom Software Development
Software development is the key to success in this highly competative world of business. Software development provides solutions to companies that reduce manpower, paperwork, monitoring, time and above all ensures transparency in all activities. Custom software development provides cutting edge solutions utilizing the latest technologies.

Data Mining
With the use of crystal reporting which is a business intelligence application used to design and generate reports from a wide range of data sources, that allows a us to create reports from a variety of data sources with a minimum of written code. Crystal Reports can access data from most widely-used databases and can integrate data from multiple databases within one report using Open Database Connectivity.

Web Development
Having an internet presence or web presence is indeed a must urge for today’s market. We all know that the major benefit of having a website is global presence. Undoubtedly every industry and individual seeks to have the website for the prior reason of marketing via global presence with the help of World Wide Web as a medium. But to have this website presence it is essential to implement good web development services, which delivers you the quality results for your project.

Web Applications
A Rich Internet Application is a web application which has features and characteristics similar to that of desktop applications. A web application is delivered by a site-specific browser with the help of a browser plugin or with virtual machines. Web application development is carried out generally with the help of Adobe Flash, JavaFX and Microsoft Silverlight, as well as on some open source technologies in the form of web-based software applications. A user generally needs to install a software framework before launching any web application, which downloads, updates, verifies and executes the web application.

Our Services
As a software development service provider, Marar Solutions strive to provide our customers quality application development services that help them to remain in step with their competitors. For this, we use modern software development platforms, application development tools and software engineering practices.
Our Expertise
As a result of the many successful projects and many years of experience in software development, Marar Solutions have acquired extensive software expertise in many key technology areas. We build database-centric web, desktop applications and help companies define, design, develop and deploy cutting-edge solutions.
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